Premium Furniture Manufacturer Company in India

As I was standing at the gates of Liberty Furniture Company I wondered that whether this company can be the best furniture company in India. Why have they chosen Blesswood as a brand?

Mr. Naresh Manwani the partner of Liberty Furniture was happy to explain to me. “Wood”, he said “is a blessing from Mother Nature. Everyone who touches wood is in communion with nature. It brings you in line with the cosmos and you are aligned with Nature. We felt the most appropriate name to brand our products is Blesswood”

Mr. Manwani continued that Blesswood always strives to do better every day to develop quality furniture for a fulfilling and blessed lifestyle. The premium furniture made today requires the hands-on experience of decades and for the last 32 years, we have been catering to the Premium hotel furniture segment of the elite Indian and international market.

Use of the latest technology is the key to success

The Indian furniture market always faces the challenge of making premium furniture manufacturing with cost-conscious customers and International quality versus price competition. It has been taken care of by us by using and importing state of art woodworking machines mainly from Germany.

By increasing the quality and production we are now able to compete with the international market, not to forget the Indian completion which is present at all levels and products. We as a premium hotel furniture manufacturers in India are basically looking forward to the customers who can understand the quality and durability of the furniture manufactured and can pay the premium price for the fine work, which is rare these days because the market is full of mass-produced and cheap products, the customer is attracted to buy the cheap furniture because of low price.

In an ever-increasing and highly competitive and oversaturated furniture market the consumer wants more than to buy the furniture, the customer wants to touch it, feel it, and assess the comfort level of it the furniture industry has to or need to develop new ideas and ways to present their products in sample showrooms before the customer buys online, for hotel industry the mock room furniture is made before the buying decision is made.

The online portals are using technologies to rotate the furniture by the click of the mouse you can do many things like see the hidden parts and rotate it zoom out and see the blown diagram, with the help of special software they can visualize how the furniture will look in their home along with the old furniture and decoration, it helps them to decide the right furniture, all that with the comfort of sitting in their home. The Blesswood brand is on online portals like Amazon also with premium home requirement furniture.

Workmanship by skilled carpenters

For the furniture manufacturer, it has been a challenge over the years to cater to the quality required by the 5-star hotel and offer the expected price or the lowest best price for the product. The premium furniture products are made from the finest of wood and the material used is oftop-class in its constituents. Manufacturing wood furniture is a challenge to make because of the shortage of good carpenters these days because the new learned generation does not want to work by hand and do labor.

We have worked hard on carpenters by motivating and educating them in various ways. We have tried the combination of carpentry skills and machines to improve the quality and artistry of the products we make, experimenting with different materials like metals, best quality plywood, newly developed strong boards like MDF, HDHMR and FR grade we have developed interesting products which are termite, heat and water-resistant and are lightweight and durable in nature. Innovation is the key to growth so our company is always open to new ideas and challenging designs which seems to be impossible in past.

With our legacy of good quality woodwork in premium hotels for so many years, we have got the expertise to deliver the wood finish required by elite customers like five-star hotels and corporate customers. We have been able to establish ourselves as a premium furniture Manufacturer Company in India.

Something about the brand Blesswood

The name Blesswood ensures to the customer that the blessing of nature grows to the customers who buy our furniture.It also signifies the essence of our work, we want the customers to feel good for many years after they buy our products, and we work in a way with quality materials and skill that we expect that they bless us by heart in return.

Liberty Furniture’s “Blesswood” brand is a leading manufacturer furniture company in India that offers a wide range of furniture to cater to the Indian and international market with a focus on premium hotels and the retail market. We use genuine quality materials which are the latest in the wooden industry are in line with the best furniture manufacturers in India like Godrej Interio, Wipro furniture, and other leading brands and types of furniture. For us, not only the product should be of a very fine finish, superb quality, and ultimate durability.

That is the key to a better product. Timely delivery of manufactured furniture is equally important, so we have equipped ourselves with professional staff, the latest technologies to do the processing of materials, improved logistics, and proper packing of material. In Blesswood we also do an on-site job of fixed furniture in premium hotels.Sometimes taking the total room furnishing as it is, to get all things done by one contractor completing all jobs.

The present furniture manufacturer industry:

furniture manufacturing industry
Furniture Manufacturing Industry

The Hotel furniture manufacturer in India is facing tough competition from foreign manufacturers, especially from China. But after the Corona pandemic, the import from China is restricted in India so the Indian buyer is looking forward to the Indian premium furniture manufacturers and also to the premium segment of mostly Europe.

The European market at present is the main competitor for the Indian market so competing with them is a difficult task for Indian furniture manufacturers in providing the international class finish, new types of materials used, and innovative designs expected by the customers. As an Indian furniture manufacturer industry.

We focus on wooden furniture, today’s plastic furniture is no match for the durability and class finish of wooden furniture. Any other furniture other than wood is considered to be not so durable and long-lasting people have tried many materials but still, there is no match for natural wood.

The other major challenge is an unorganized segment of furniture manufacturing that does not offer consistency, quality, and finish. However, because of the ease of getting the furniture made at one’s own premises, it is still is the major competition to the organized segment, especially to the premium segment of the furniture industry. The skill of the carpenter aligned with the science of physics makes a formidable combination that is what makes Blesswood furniture a durable and lifelong pleasure.

leading manufacturer furniture
Leading Manufacturer Furniture

At present we live in the hearts of thousands of Indian customers as a leading manufacturer furniture company with our genuine quality, we offer a wide range of furniture for office, hotel, and home, we have always used innovative designs, high-quality imported natural wood, plywood, veneers, and wicker in our various type of furniture manufacturing industry.

Having said all this Mr. Manwani smiled and handed me an envelope. I opened it very tentatively and saw it was a freshly signed appointment letter. I was delighted to think that Mother Nature had already started showering with blessings. I signed an acknowledgment and walked out of the gates as the Executive Director for Blesswood.