Interior Fit Out Contractors

It becomes very technical to understand the meaning of interior fit out contractors because of the jargon and its different approach. In a layman’s language, Interior fit out contractors includes everything that makes the space liveable after the structure has been developed. Generally, it includes everything from furniture, flooring, partitions, electrical work, cladding, lift shafts, tiling and partitions.

A basic difference between an interior fit out contractor and regular builder is that the builder is responsible for developing the structure of the building whereas an interior fit out contractor is responsible for developing the entire interior space with all the components.

We provide hassle free professional services for project management at site adhering to all your requirements.In fit out industry, knowledge and experience are of utmost importance. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of how many projects the Fit-Out firm has undertaken as it will provide insight into the organization’s potential and position within the sector.

Our team at Blesswood has successfully completed the fit-out projects with some of the very esteemed groups like the ITC, JW Marriott, Ramada, IBIS and The Oberoi to name a few.

Our domain expertise is corporate office spaces, hotels and resorts. We ensure our clients fit-out space which is aesthetically pleasing and specific to the requirements of client. We intricately look at every aspect of the project, from optimizing the designs efficiently to providing the best suitable furniture as per the requirements.

Several other advantages add on while hiring an interior fit-out contractors like better efficiency and increased productivity thus leading to timely delivery.

With an efficient team of designers, we do value engineering of all the goods and services and provide you with the best cost adhering to your budgets with no unnecessary expenses.

As we have plentiful of experience in furniture industry, we are able and efficient to provide you with the best quality of fix Furniture.

We abide by all the legal requirements and the compliances committing to sustainability, health and safety management on site.

We value open communication, complete transparency throughout the tenure of the project. Consequently, we offer project reports on quality management on regular basis and project updates.

As a sense of responsibility from our end, if any issues come up, we immediately inform the concerned party and take corrective measures at the earliest.

This is also interlinked with employee productivity as there is very less intervention from any third partyi.e., single point of responsibility, which not only results in the better quality of work delivered but also a very healthy environment to work in which brings out the best from employees as well as helps in enhancing the skills due to variety of skills required.

Another important aspect that we work on in Blesswood is about the detailed project schedule as in past we have had many encounters in which there is a huge gap in the initial handover date and the date when the actual handover is done. We often observed a clash in these dates, to avoid this complication we build a sturdy project schedule at the initial stage and do regular tracking of the desired plans to make sure that all the necessary changes are made and handover is around the scheduled date.

Interior fit out has many factors to look into but to build on the best designs and efficiency. We have stated some of the most important factors which are of utmost importance from our furniture manufacturing experience of past 32 years. For any queries regarding your interior fit-out projects or any recommendations for us feel free to contact us.