Modular Furniture in India

The word ‘modular’ is used to describe a manufacturing process in which separate standardized units are joined together, to form the final product. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily assembled or dismantled as per the needs of an individual. Modular furniture in India is gaining traction because of its versatile nature and the benefits it offers.

Why is modular furniture so trending these days?

We are listing down some of the most advantageous features:

  • Space saving: It is very helpful in saving the space especially in today’s scenario when there is limitation of space in apartments in metropolitan cities. It is even suitable for a studio size apartment as it is extremely compact. Some of the finest examples for space saving are living room furniture, cabinets, coffee tables, etc.
  • Quick and Convenient: The most advantageous feature of modular furniture in India is its mobility. It is a DIY furniture which has a clever latching system, even a person without any woodworking experience can assemble these multifunctional pieces with the help of a manual. Yes, it’s that easy! After the covid times when work from home has become a go to option for millennials, modular furniture has come to the rescue for converting their home to workplaces.
  • Cost effective: Here comes the most advantageous feature, modular furniture is very affordable and cost efficient to both the manufacturers as well as customers as it gets produced in huge quantities thus it also offers economies of scale, lower labour costs to manufacturers, less cost to customers as there is no fear of damage due to flat pack which ultimately results in low transportation costs.
  • Accuracy in designs: We create these multifunctional pieces using the best of the machines from all over the world, hence resulting in very less or no chance for human errors which helps achieving perfection.

Modular furniture at workplace

It is not only popular for homes, but also for the workplaces as it gets manufactured in very less time and the number of desks, tables or chairs can be adjusted according to the needs of the clients. This whole set at the workplace gives a very coordinated look to the office, another stunning feature is that in case of expansion,there will be no mismatch as the same pieces can be created in very less time. In case of shifting to new premises, it makes the process hassle free due to its easy mobility.


The manufacturing process of modular furniture is very standardized and organized, resulting inhigh functionality. At Blesswood, we use the finest raw materials and best machinery to cater to all your needs.

Technical term for manufacturing of modular furniture is also known as a panel processing unit. During this process we optimize the panel using software to minimise the wastage.

We use premium quality of engineered wood from best of the brands in this whole process with no compromise on the quality.

Base Materials: We can customise your furniture according to your technical and functional needs by giving an option in base products which vary from the needs of our clients. We offer Plywood (BWP & MR GRADE), HDHMR (high density high moisture resistant board), MDF (Medium density fibreboard).

Finish: We offer a variety of finishes for you to choose from, we offer laminate finish, veneer finish, acrylic sheet, paint finish and glass finish.

Edge band: We offer you both PVC and wooden edge bands of Rheau (made in Germany)

Very often the question comes to us about the longevity and durability of the modular furniture. Our answer to this lies in the types of raw materials and the machinery we use. We will list down the types of machinery with their usage and raw materials that we use for the assurance of our customers.

  • Panel saw machine: For the initial process of sizing of sheets we use Altendorf panel saw machine which is made in Germany to achieve the highest level of craftsmanship.
  • Edge banding machine: For clean edges and no chipping in our highly industrialized furniture we use the world’s market leader Homag of Germany in our production process. For fine quality it offers pre-milling and repay system.
  • Press machine: We have cold press machine from the Weili company which is made in China for the efficient production process.
  • Multi boring machine: We have two of them i.e., three head multi boring machine and single head boring machine, Made in Italy. Three head multi boring machine has 2 horizontal heads and one vertical head for boring different dimensions of depth and width. Single head boring machine works both the ways horizontally and vertically.
  • Router machine: To cater to your designer modular furniture we have a router machine which gives different shapes and grooving to the wood base.

Also, to keep your products dust free and keep that shine intact we use dust collectors and paint booth. To ensure durability we use the best quality D3 adhesives from Germany like Jowat and Kleiberit.

With us you do not need to worry about the quality and durability as we assure you the best in both.

We even provide you with consultation regarding modular furniture, feel free to contact us regarding any requirements of modular furniture.

Happy to help.