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Furniture highlights an office. Furniture had no significant importance earlier on, but today , we can see a drastic change as furniture plays an indispensable role in creating the ambiance. Your commercial office furniture should always be chosen carefully. Several other factors like employee wellness and growth prospects are dependent on it

Therefore, the role of furniture in corporate spaces does not just stop at providing comfort and relaxing environment but is also linked with efficiency.

Blesswood office furniture understands this. We have a solution for all types of industries. There can be different furniture for corporate spaces like:

Contemporary office space with leather furnishings and heighted shelves.

Rustic office space with wooden panelling, cabins, wooden floor and rustic wooden shelves for storage
Urban design with long workstations, poly folding chairs with some neutral colours on the background and some relaxing sofas in the lounge area.

Bohemian design for the people dealing in industries like vlogging, photography, etc. which could include pieces of bone credenza, cane chairs and velvet pouffes to lounge around.

Minimalist spaces with white background, workstations and sleek revolving chairs and long window panels which creates the space for natural sunlight.

At Blesswood we provide you with the best furniture for your corporate spaces. Our product portfolio for corporate furniture includes

Chairs: From revolving chairs to club chairs, we offer you classic arm chair, wishbone chair, Wassily chair, womb chair, chesterfield chair, director’s chair and tulip chair for the reception area and the waiting lounge.

Tables: We also deal in a wide range of tables for offices which includes writing desks, coffee table, secretary table, computer desk, L shaped desks and the executive desk.

Storage furniture: A proper shelving unit is a must-have in an office. It can be small shelves, open storage units, bookshelves or a modular chest of drawers.

We also have our expertise in offering you workstations, cubicles, credenza, partitions and wooden flooring.

Here are some of the recommendations for creating a better office space and working environment:

  • Your office furniture would be a function of the workspace. Your workspace should never look bulky or overloaded as it projects a very unflattering image of the company. Instead using neutral tones and partitions can make the place look bigger.
  • Office furniture should both be functional and comfortable in a long run. In the beginning it might be impulsive to buy plush and aesthetic furniture, but it should always be well thought considering the future requirements and work atmosphere.
  • It is always necessary to have at least one meeting room or chamber with wide large desks or tables, in order to have meeting with the clients or even for the brainstorming sessions amongst the employees.
  • Besides the storage unit for files and books it is also very important to have a pedestal unit under the desk for the storage of stationery and additional items so that workstation is always neat and organized.
  • There should be an exposure to sunlight as it has proved to create a positive working environment as well as it should well-lit as it can have a huge impact on the productivity of the employees. It is always recommended to opt for warm white lighting.
  • Always go for ergonomic furniture because it reduces the risk of back pain and neck problems thus resulting into reduction of stress.

At Blesswood we help you to choose your designs strategically and thoughtfully. We stand with you in building your office space with utmost quality and precision to build a new corporate abode altogether.

Feel free to contact us for all your queries or simply drop us an email with all your requirements.

Happy to help you!

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