Boutique Furniture

Boutique furniture is a very exquisite and unique experience, it is usually custom made therefore it is produced in small batches which includes a dedicated amount of hand work and less use of machinery.

We at Blesswood create high end bespoke designs according to our client’s requirements. The product that comes out is unique and of supreme quality, which is build to last for a long period of time. These beautiful pieces of boutique furniture are hand carved with very different shapes and style, thus making it unique and distinctive. Previously boutique furniture was seen just at lavish and upper crust households because of its cost. In this day and age boutique furniture is not just restricted to the elegant households but many hoteliers are also coming up with the concept of boutique hotels which are a heady amalgamation of modern and contemporary architectures. These types of hotels have a very different type of landscaping and are very instagrammable, thus attracting the millennials. To create these instagrammable spots these hotels indulge into very aesthetic types of designs which are very intricate and entail exceptional craftsmanship which make it look in a class of its own.

Boutique furniture is not just restricted to a particular type of material but it can also be customised using variety of materials like metal with finishes like PVD, PU coating, Powder coating; solidwood with finishes like Rustic, Patina, Cement finish and different types of PU coatings; veneer; artistic work with Mother of Pearl/ Bone Inlay/Marble inlay/Thikri Glass/Metal Cladding; Back painted glass; laminates, natural stone; natural wicker; jute ropes; plywood; solid surface etc. To improve the overall guest experience and provide luxurious guest appealing the surroundings we can use natural wood, which suggest a space for veneers to come into the design giving it a rich and warm appeal.

In this whole process of creating the boutique furniture, our team of designers carefully scrutinize and look into the ergonomics of the design to create the shop drawings. We even create full scale hand sketches and templates before manufacturing to achieve efficiency and accuracy.

The most important features of this type of furniture are the design and the quality as no detail is too small to grab the attention of the guests. To create the soothing aesthetic theme, the furniture needs to be plush with thick upholstery in neutral tones to make the space look bigger. To inculcate the element of nature indoors- we use natural wood like teak, white oak, white ash, American walnut in maple wood for our frames.

With our enriching experience in furniture manufacturing industry, we have delivered many bespoke designs to hotels and residences. To provide you with a distinctive experience, our team can assist you in choosing a variety of headboards, bed frame designs and wood finishes.

Some of the finest products which we have delivered are:

  • Accent chairs which are both cosy and inviting can be customised in plethora of colours and fabrics.
  • Ottoman, which is a must have for all the lovers of vintage decor. A perfect blend of colonial furniture and modern aesthetic.
  • A knitted pouffe or a tufted pouffe to give both bohemian and modern aesthetics.
  • Chaise Lounge, which gives unparalleled comfort and warmth to your interiors.
  • Bone inlay Console tables can be placed at an entryway in a lobby which adds elegance to the space.
  • Patio tables for the outdoors with marble table top and Wicker chair are just perfect for the outdoors.
  • Scandinavian wicker sofa or a rattan sofa with Sunbrella (best fabric for outdoors) to give that open garden space an antique farmhouse style look.

Blesswood is capable of providing you with the premium quality of boutique furniture to attract best of the clients with all types of customisation at your end. We deal in both boutique hotel furniture as well as residential furniture. For any queries feel free to contact us or just drop an email.