Solid Wood Furniture

The term solid wood furniture is used for that piece of furniture which is made from lumber, it distinguishes itself from engineered wood, as it is made using logs of trees. Engineered wood is produced from the fibres and strands of wood.

Ever thought about the life cycle of solid wood? It is quite surprising to know that from a sapling till its age of maturity it takes around 40 years for the production of solid wood.

The quality of wood varies from region to region and the climatic conditions. Solid wood furniture is made from tree planks, boards, and blocks. Their texture, strength, and weight are directly proportionate to the type of tree from which they are extracted.

It is further classified into two types: Hardwood and Softwood. Hardwood is of utmost importance in furniture industry. We use decorative hardwood for manufacturing our products.

We use diverse variety of wood like Steam Beech, White oak and White Ash sourced from across the Europe. We also use wood sourced from Canada, Sal Wood from Malaysia and Teak wood from Burma, Africa and India to deliver the best quality.

Often clients have concerns about wood termites. Now, if in some cases the issue comes up it is easy to resolve this as solid wood is reusable and can be treated if identified at an early stage. To ensure that this doesn’t happen from our end, the wooden blocks go through the process of KD (Kiln Dry).Kiln Dried timber is wood that has been dried using a carefully controlled drying process that regulates temperature and humidity to remove moisture from the wood.

A significant advantage of Kiln Dried wood is that it is less prone to shrinking and expanding because it has a moisture content that is similar to the climate in which it will be installed. In addition to this, the wood is also heat treated to kill the pests. This process is also known as seasoning of wood, which enhances the quality of wood by increasing compression strength, stiffness and binding strength to make it more durable (by preventing cracks which develop overtime). This process of Kiln drying does not involve use of any hazardous chemicals thus making it environment friendly.

Nothing compares to the warmth, opulence, and pure beauty of authentic, natural hardwood furniture, which can enhance the ambience of the place and give it a warm atmosphere.

We at Blesswood create timeless designs with refined elegance offering a quality that cannot be imitated. We make solid wood furniture with high quality wood which can withstand the test of time for the future generations to come.

There are several features and advantages of solid wood furniture which creates an edge over others. Here are few key advantages:

  • Durable: Furniture made from hardwood is highly durable as it is expected to last over decades despite its continuous usage. This feature makes it worth its price.
  • Versatile: Hardwood can be easily customized and can be created in any shape, colour or design. It also allows the space to mix and match with different colours and materials.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Furniture made from solid wood has the ability to stand out. It has a universal appeal because the beauty of wooden grains is reflected in it.
  • High quality: Solid wood furniture is of very high quality because of the process that hardwood undergoes before going into production and the attention to each detail with customisation makes it a family heirloom.
  • Easy to maintain: It is easy to maintain solid wood furniture as it does not tend to expand and contract during different weather conditions. Even in case of scratches solid wood material responds well to all the alterations and can be refinished easily.

Solid wood furniture is a timeless classic in India. Despite the rise of various furniture pieces made from other materials, solid wood furniture continues to remain an absolute favourite for the hotel industry.  After all, when it comes to furniture, people want sturdiness as well as aesthetics, and solid wood furniture serves both the purposes. It also has a high rating when it comes to long-lasting beauty. They are often pest-resistant, simple to maintain, and can be repainted or lacquered to hide the ageing of furniture which comes with time.

We at Blesswood, have delivered some of the most exquisite pieces of solid wood furniture across India which includes The Oberoi Udaivilas in the city of lakes- Udaipur. This hotel has been honoured with the prestigious awards like Favourite Indian hotel for design by Conde Nast Traveller, India Readers Travel Awards and Best Resort in India this year by Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards.

We have also been associated with the international luxury hotel chain Raffles for its upcoming project in the Pink city Jaipur. We have delivered well crafted, magnificent bone inlay furniture made from solid wood as the theme revolves around reflecting royalty and grandeur.

Solid wood furniture is not only perfect for the opulent interiors but also for the exteriors, there are several technical aspects attached to it. It is the most preferred material for outdoor furniture as it is resilient and requires low maintenance. We suggest the use of Teak and Malaysian Sal Wood because these are the most weather resistant woods and keep the beauty of the furniture intact during the course of time.

Our master craftsmen at Blesswood create each piece with utmost dedication and undeniable care with contemplation of all the technical aspects to deliver the unimpeachable quality products. With our rich experience in the furniture industry and associations with the finest chains, you can rely on us with all your requirements of furniture.

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