Handicraft Furniture in India

India is known for its expertise in handmade things for ages, the most ancient civilization which existed in India, Indus Valley Civilization existed around 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE, the sculptures and utensils found of that era were evidence of the origins of one of the oldest handmade articles of handicraft.

Similarly with the rise of different civilizations and dynasties in India lot of exquisite handicrafts of a different kind were made in India. Among them, one is handicraft furniture, Handicraft Furniture in India is one of the best handmade furniture in the world.

What makes handicraft furniture unique?

Today in the Mechanized world everything is now programmed to be made by machines, modern equipment like CNC are programmed to make computerized and programmed designs fed into the CNC machine and they produce fine finished products which are faultless and exactly to the measurement. But in a way, they look identical, professional, and in symmetry but they tend to be boring after some time as they all are exactly the same.

On the other hand, the handicraft furniture made by hand is unique in the slight variation of the designs due to the lack of absolute precision of the human hand, and every item is unique in the way if also they look exactly the same from distance.

Handicraft furniture is popular in the premium segment

The premium segment consists of a five-star hotel, high-end residential flats, and properties. Handicraft furniture is costly and time-consuming to be made by hand, these days human labor has become very costly and availability is an issue. A skilled craftsman is rarely available who can patiently work in intricate designs and produce high-quality handicraft furniture.

The most Indian furniture industry is doing manufacturing and export of the high in demand handicraft furniture from coffee table to bedroom furniture to garden furniture so high demand in the international market makes it costlier. We at Liberty Furniture branded as Blesswood are known for making one of the best handicraft furniture with a legacy of 32 years and most premium customers like five-star hotels and exporters.

Type of material used in handicraft furniture

The handicraft furniture is not restricted to different types of wood, when the furniture is made by hand it has the opportunity to experiment with different materials like metal, wicker, mother of pearls, bone inlay, thikri, glass, mild steel, and stainless steel.

The Metal used with Wood for stands, support, and strength while doing this, fine designs come out mostly as straight lines and look especially good with old-fashioned rivets. Sheesham wood is mostly used in this type of handicraft furniture. Sheesham wood is having a dark texture with a rugged look.

Mother of pearls gives the furniture a luxurious look with flower and creeper designs made valuable ocean shells fragments on wood to make all types of room furniture the bone inlay work is also quite similar to it but it is mostly made with camel bone or any other similar bone.

Wicker is used to making the old-fashioned back of the chairs these days to give a nostalgic look to the furniture. Thikri is an art where small convex mirrors of about one inch are pasted on wood to make leaves and creepers and it reflects the light and makes the furniture glamorous. Glass, MS, and SS are used in combination with wood to give luxury look and it adds to the strength.

We at Liberty furniture branded as Blesswood are leaders in India for making all types of handicraft furniture with a long list of satisfied clients and exporters. Our work stands out in quality and consistency, which is required as the work is done by hand and to maintain quality and consistency is a very difficult task.