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A public area is defined as the open space of a hotel or a resort where residents and non-residents are entertained, meet, sit, and talk, it is also applicable to large residences. The Swimming pool, beach, garden, restaurant, banquet, buffet area, party hall, bar and beverages outlet, lobby, and play area are considered to be public areas.

The environment matters a lot in designing the outdoor furniture

The public spaces require more durable, cozy, comfortable, all weatherproof materials, and low maintenance, as it is more used and moved, the word abused is more proper for it as it is sometimes open to sun and harsh weather. The furniture has to sustain the abuse by people, also they are in more in a happy mood and care less about the furniture, and they sometimes shift, turn, toss, and stack them.

The superior quality matters more in outdoor furniture

The public area furniture requires a careful selection of quality, water-resistant wood, weatherproof paint, rustproof metal joints, and handle, a lot of durability of the product also depends on the sturdy design as it is more rough used than room furniture. The design element is so important that no matter how good materials are used if the design is not proper it will not stand the rough handling of weather and people.

The experience that counts in rugged outdoor furniture

Liberty Furniture branded as Blesswood being also a leading public area furniture company in India, we minutely study the design of outdoor furniture, with a legacy of manufacturing public spaces furniture for 32 years of premium and five-star hotels. We use and suggest elegant designs, comfy and relaxed, all impermeable materials, low looked after, and superior finish to the customer for the long serviceable life of the furniture.

The different types of public area furniture

The outdoor furniture consist of lounge chairs, tables, sofas, swimming pool loungers, wooden deck chairs, dining sets, poolside beds, and patio furniture, all types of furniture are made with careful design and inspection. It should perfectly gel with the surroundings of the outdoor area and enhance the aesthetics of the place beautifully. We at Liberty Furniture branded as Blesswood take utmost care to deliver the right product to the customer.

The residential area also uses outdoor furniture.

The public area furniture also finds its way in residential areas by the spaces of the balcony, swimming pool, patio, garden, and barbeque area, it gives the place a well-designed look and beautifies the surroundings, adding a luxurious and comfortable look to the area, it enhances comfort and coziness to the place. The home-use outdoor furniture is more stylish in looks and varied in design as it should meet the individual’s needs than the mass volume and practical use required of a hotel. At Liberty Furniture we keep a close eye on the requirement of the customer and fulfill the perfect requirement of him by our renowned Blesswood brand of furniture.

The changing trends of the society increase use of public furniture

The new coming up urban style of living and social gathering increased the use of public furniture the community gardens in high-rise buildings, the open area concert space, and open gym are the coming up new area to use outdoor public area furniture.

An interesting area of the rapid growth of public area furniture is the newfound hobby of terrace gardens where outdoor furniture is used. The recently developed work from home culture has also added the requirement of outdoor furniture as people have made offices on the roof to have fresh air and get away from the monotony of closed spaces.

The public places use more public area furniture

The trend of open-air cafes and restaurants are using now more fancy types of public area furniture, the need if more green spaces around the city to get away from hustle and bustle of daily chaos, small shares spaces are created to let the public breath refreshed air and relax, pockets of these types of spaces are mushrooming around cities, they require outdoor furniture like benches, lamp post, litter bins and flower boxes other than infrequent installed seats and tables.

At Liberty Furnitures branded as Blesswood, we undertake all types of public area furniture from premium five-star furniture to the specific requirement of a well-decorated home or a residential space.

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