OEM for Furniture Industry

Most of the big companies in the world are not self-sufficient to get all work done by them and they sublet the part of work, equipment or process to other companies then the companies who are making the products over the years, which are the best in their class and most cost-effective and value for money, those companies are chosen by big companies to supply the required equipment, product or services to them.

What is OEM

The companies who supply the products of services to other companies are called OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer, the process of this type of business is known as Business to Business or B2B as both are companies coming together to make end product for the customer. The OEM is responsible for the consistent quality of products and services to the other company to whom it is supplying. We as the OEM for furniture Industry to many premium hotels chains for providing the best quality furniture again and again for over 32 years.

The conditions of becoming OEM to a company

The process of becoming OEM requires many different parameters to be qualified before you are considered as an OEM company, in the furniture industry it is normally based on the following parameter Quality furniture is the first parameter for becoming OEM to a company. Consistency is required in work that is the work done should be of the same quality in dimensions and finish of the products over the decided period, next is the Cost, the product should be of the reasonable cost it should match the required quality with expected price. And the last is the experience of doing excellent work over the years having a track record of good customers and proven products.

The Best OEM practices

The OEM for the furniture industry should have the ability to change and adapt with the company to whom the furniture is supplied since the requirement changes with time and flexibility with change is the most important aspect of a good OEM. The quality of furniture, the durability of the material used should remain of the same nature year after year, with standing the treatment and abuse of the users and beating of the different climates and seasons around the year. We at Liberty Furniture branded as Blesswood always keep the Quality standards very high and because of it, we are the first choice of premium hotels all over India.

The difference between OEM and normal manufacture

As we go in the market we find many suppliers of furniture who offer a wide range and we are not able to decide which one will be better for us whether the requirement is of a hotel or office furniture we normally try to find the same parameter which is required from big companies of quality, durability and long-lasting furniture with value for money proposition. The office furniture manufacturers somewhat differ from Hotel furniture manufacturers as the requirement of the type of furniture is different but the other aspects of furniture remain the same. So the search for a genuine and good supplier of furniture normally ends with choosing one of the leading OEM supplier’s companies.

OEM challenges

As the market situation is changing and the new technologies are evolving it brings tremendous pressure on the furniture manufacturer as the present setup created for a particular type of company requirement is now has to change to new materials and furniture designs to coup up with the changing trend of market pushes he suppliers and companies to invest in new pieces of machinery and technologies and it becomes a huge cost which is difficult to absorb by the OEM as he has been chosen after the rate negotiation. It becomes challenging to maintain the quality with price.

The Furniture OEM

Being a furniture OEM there are unsaid restrictions to the types of work an OEM does and the customers he caters the reputation of the company to whom he supplies is also to be taken into consideration while catering to market and other customers an OEM cannot make a poor quality product and keep high end and low-end customer satisfied at the same time, so it is required from an OEM that not only he should maintain the quality of products but also maintain the quality of similar customers. We at Liberty furniture branded as Blesswood take care of both quality and the customer.

Types of work the Furniture OEM takes.

The Furniture OEM takes mostly work of hotel and office furniture, The hotel furniture has a different area where the furniture is required as a guest room, living room, bathroom, lobby, restaurant, public area, and poolside, whereas in office it is staff hall, conference room, and cabin furniture is required at Liberty furniture we make both genuine types of furniture for premium hotel and office.