Wooden & Carpentry Furniture

Wooden & Carpentry Furniture is made in two ways the first one is carpentry furniture and the second one is modular furniture. The basic difference between both is that the carpentry furniture is mostly made by hand and requires a great amount of skill to make the curves and designs on wood by hand and replicate it exactly the same over and over again.

Whereas the modular furniture is made by machines the plain boards are normally 8×4 ft. in size (particle, plywood or MDF) are pasted with the top layer of laminate or veneer then cut to size and dimensions, on the side edge bend is pasted of same color and texture to hide and beautify the ruff side of the boards.

History of carpentry

The history of Wooden & Carpentry Furniture dated back to the Neolithic period 7000 BC – 9000 BC or new stone-age when prehistoric man used tools to shape stones and wood for his use, there are remnants of their initial work wood are found all over the world, especially the wooden work done in Egypt, in time of the pyramids was exceptional in nature.

It was the most used material in past because the metals were in process of getting found and use, the wood alone was used to make almost everything. From Ships to wooden needles to sewing clothes everything used to be made when the metal was rare or non-existent.

Furniture types and uses

The furniture comes in all shapes and sizes from big villas to small apartments but some things are always in common, and those are table and chairs, others are cupboards and cabinets then comes wardrobes and side tables or consoles.

But the main aspect of furniture is quality, durability, and finish in all types of furniture, these aspects are very important, The various types of designs are Sofas, Tables, Beds, Desks, Mattresses, Dressers, Ottomans, Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, Sectional Sofas, TV Stands, Bookcases, Futons, Bunk Beds, Coffee Tables, Stools, End Tables, MiniBars, Kitchen Islands, Lockers, Storage, Benches, Chair and others.

Some period styles of furniture

Jacobean (1600–1690), William and Mary (1690–1735), Queen Anne (1700–1755), Pennsylvania Dutch (1720–1830), Louis XVI (1760–1789), Chippendale (1750–1790), Hepplewhite (1765-1800), Sheraton (1780–1820), Federal (1780–1820), American Empire (1800–1840), Victorian (1840–1910), Arts and Craft (1880–1910), Art Deco (1910–1939), and Contemporary (1930–1950).

Mostly the styles of furniture are also known as Antique, American, Colonial Traditional, Vintage, Rustic, American Design, Retro, Modern, Minimalism, Relaxed, Modern Contemporary, Shabby Chic, Casual Luxe, and Urban Collective.

Furniture fabric

The carpentry furniture has also one important component that is fabric or a superior quality of cloth used to cover the human touch places to give required comfort while sitting, so the seat and hand resting handle are specially chosen to apply fabric with required cushioning the color of fabric and quality, shine and weaving patterns with gold or silver metallic wires for intricate designs to match and beautify the furniture structure makes overall experience worthwhile.

The fabric can be also can be optioned by leather depending on the choice, type and requirement of room look. The leather mostly provides the rugged look and feel of luxury and plushness depending on the type of leather used.

Polish and painting coating

The polish on the furniture plays an important role in giving I the required shine and texture. It comes in different types as Lacquer mostly transparent, fast drying thin solvent based solution to enhance the texture of wood and is very durable, Varnish is made of oil resin and solvent it is the most common types of finishes on wood, Wax Finish is for short term polish not so popular on wood, Shellac is natural wax by a bug used with alcohol as solvent, mainly used for wood repair and glossy shine, Wood Dye are used to match the color of wood used with solvent or water on wood to match, enhance and color wood in required way, Wood satin finish it improves smoothness wood and enhances the color.

Water based finish is used here you require less smell it is made of Urethane, Alkyd and Acrylic resin which is mixed with water and applied to the surface. French polish is used for long time it is mixture of Shellac and Alcohol lastly we have Wood preserves used to coat the wood for maintaining the quality and freshness of wood for long time.